christian genderqueer skunk hacker
builds things.
Drawing of skunk-me reading Myst: The Book of Ti'Ana in a field of lupine with a Monarch butterfly sitting on my tail. Drawn by G Pike
Drawn by G Pike (@gpike_)


a civilized tiny full text search server in pure JS. dirichlet+ relevancy mixed with HITS link analysis for authority, porter2 stemming
hella' fast reStructuredText-based documentation tool. mostly for internal use, but darn cool


terrain generator
toy JS terrain generator I wrote in college using domain-warped noise. bonus: I also ported it to run in a fragment shader
The Spark's Story
a story I wrote in college in a week or something. It's not great. I need to write moar
it's steampunk. sorry. it was 2012
Haiku Password Hashing
I replaced the Haiku OS password hashing implementation, previously traditional DES, with scrypt()
OpenRA Pathfinding Fast Fail
I added a fast fail to OpenRA's pathfinding. On map load, the world is split into a set of domains based on traversability for each movement class. If a pathing request's source and destination locations belong to different domains, the pathfinder can immediately abort instead of scanning every cell